Let The Games Begin!

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Olympic Training

The Olympics officially begin this Friday, July 27. I watched the coverage on the extensive and rigorous training these athletes endure in anticipation of a few moments of competition and a lifetime of potential glory. I couldn’t help but notice the similarities between them and successful business people. Read more about Let The Games Begin!

Content is King

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We’ve heard the phrase before: “Content is king.” Simple enough, but still overwhelming at times. Aside from the myriad of other duties, how can we keep up with daily updates to our websites, social media and blogs?

There are some easy ways to keep the content flowing without getting bogged down. It’s useful to remember that most users scan and don’t read every word. So keep the content short and in digestible bits. Place the most important and appealing bits of information right up front. Read more about Content is King

"Flawsome" Loyalty

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In our daily interactions with customers and prospects, we strive to put our best foot forward so that they are satisfied overall with our products and customer service. Unfortunately, not every transaction or customer experience is a positive one, and we sometimes find ourselves in a situation where we need to repair a relationship. Read more about "Flawsome" Loyalty

Creative Alliances. Strategic Thinking.

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The recession has prompted us to think more strategically. We are seeing more and more unique professional alliances forming to help businesses boost sales, maximize promotional efforts and bring to market new or newly packaged products and services. Read more about Creative Alliances. Strategic Thinking.

How Many Pigs Have You Kissed?

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Last week, the principal from North Las Vegas’ Scott Elementary School kissed a pig to reward her students for exceeding their reading goal. The school tested only at 47 percent of grade level in the subject last year, and has since employed some unorthodox methods to promote independent reading. This included the principal’s promise to kiss a pig if the school surpassed its goal of reading 15,000 books before summer break and passed comprehension tests proving the students understood the material. Read more about How Many Pigs Have You Kissed?

What’s To Come...

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On Monday evening, Mayor Carolyn Goodman and other dignitaries officially unveiled the new City Hall building in downtown Las Vegas. The new building is not only efficient and modern in its design and features, it is a major part of the downtown renaissance that includes Zappos taking over City Hall’s old building, the growth of the Arts District and many other cultural and development projects for Las Vegas’ urban core. Read more about What’s To Come...

Downtown Las Vegas: America's New Cultural Hub?

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Since Tony Hsieh announced the transfer of Zappos' headquarters from Henderson to the City Hall building in downtown Las Vegas, the area has experienced a surge of popularity and attraction. The renewal of the core of this city has led to a major resurgence in urban culture, in everything from dining out to doing business.
Read more about Downtown Las Vegas: America's New Cultural Hub?

Local Innovation at CES

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The buzzword at CES this year was “innovation.” It was a fixture in everything from opening remarks to the exhibiting companies giving the tech world a first glimpse at the newest forms of technological innovation. Read more about Local Innovation at CES

Looking Forward in 2012

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New Years signals a fresh start – a renewed energy and a fresh outlook on possibilities that lie ahead. This year, things are already looking up. Some indicators show the economy re-positioning itself for upward mobility within a “new” environment. A recently released study by Brookings/SRI and anticipated state-wide and regional economic development plans are signs that a roadmap to economic growth and diversification is upon our doorstep. Read more about Looking Forward in 2012

Celebrate 20 Years of the Las Vegas Bowl

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On December 22, Las Vegas will host the Las Vegas Bowl for the 20th consecutive year. Boise State University and Arizona State University, both schools that have a loyal traveling fan base, will converge on Las Vegas, along with about 40,000 supporters, volunteers and sports fans. Last year, the event helped bring in a non-gaming economic impact of almost $22 million to Southern Nevada. The Las Vegas Bowl is a spirited, high-energy event, and we look forward to welcoming Boise State and Arizona State University fans to Las Vegas. Read more about Celebrate 20 Years of the Las Vegas Bowl